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Flood water disposal
Mobile Big Pump

Portable wet pit pumps that are used for drying up cellars. Big pumps are made for removing big amounts of flood and groundwater.

The pumping can be operated in dips and depressed areas and directly within the flooded canal system. The motor pump E1 is run by a tractor which could be borrowed by neighbors or by a machinery syndicate.

A combination of tractors enables the highest mobility in transport in case of flood water and ensures also that the performance is given in case of an electricity shortage. This is the cheapest option. If you prefer a stationary construction, we recommend a diesel drive.


The pump E1 has a high capacity (1500m3/h) with a low pressure (1 bar).

Solid material up to a size of 100mm get transported without a problem.

Even though a high quality product, E1 is sold to an extremely competitive price in order to meet the price range for individuals, too. "Everybody should be able to afford to protect one's property from flooding".


Flooding does often come suddenly and by surprise. Therefore it is quite practical that a tractor can transport the mobile/portable pump into optimal position.

After rolling out the suction hose and the pressure hose, the pump is filled with water and the power take off gets started.
A quantity of about 400m3/h can be dried up per pressure hose.

Further use for such big pumps are:

Cleaning of ponds and small lakes, transport of vegatable, creek diversion in underground construction, gravel mines, drinking water sustainment...